Stills from “The Algorithm”, a film by Tom Festo

In the past few years, about a half dozen people have emailed me, wanting to adapt a story I’ve written for film. My answer has always been yes, but so far, not much has come of it (with the exception of one really interesting script adaptation of “Roadwork”.) This weekend, Tom Festo (twitter:@bigleaguetom), director/writer of “The Algorithm  (based on my story of the same name), sent me these behind-the-scenes production pictures, and graciously let me share them here. I’m very excited to see the final product.

The Algorithm, by Tom Festo

I’m really taken by this image, the symmetrical framing, the small cooler (such a nice touch), and a very creepy looking house. Location scouts are unsung heroes. I’m not just saying that because I’m related to one.

Hit “View full article” to see the other images.

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Metapost: Releases and Revision

I hope this update finds you all as well as I have been.

In the past few months, I’ve had two anthologies released from Cruentus Libri Press, and another story featured in the Mad Scientist Journal. If you’ll forgive the self promotion, here are the links to read “Zero” at Mad Scientist Journal, or to purchase either anthology from Amazon:

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Metapost: 2012 – The First (Serious) Year

2012 was a hell of a year.

I didn’t meant to quit writing. But it happened. A month of not writing became six, and it was okay, I told myself. It was a difficult time, and it would surely end. Then I stopped justifying it to myself, and finally, stopped even worrying about justifying it. That’s how I quit writing for well over a year.

Part of it was from lack of a plan. When I started, I challenged myself to write a short story every week. This led to many a 4am night, blearily editing absolute nonsense, but it worked. Then I decided to give myself the room to play with longer ideas, and removed the arbitrary deadlines. Soon I was finishing work on a monthly basis, then bi-monthly, then it might take me a half a year. And this was when there was nothing else required of me. The moment fatherhood and a difficult pregnancy were my dominant concerns, writing slipped away.

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Happy Halloween

Briefest of updates:

In the next month I will have two more stories appearing in anthologies, and another in the magazine Mad Scientist’s Journal. I’ll let you know when they are released, and I would appreciate, as always, that if you like what you read, you simply recommend it to someone else who you think may enjoy it.

Additionally, “A Quick Bite of Flesh” will be available for free on Kindle, for a single day, coming very soon.

As far as new stories, Runner B inches ever closer to completion (seriously), and I am working on the beginning of two new pieces: “The Fields of Ur,” an unusual science-fantasy story, and “Green Tunnel,” an Appalachian Trail backpacking horror story. And I’m just breaking ground on a fully plotted novel: “Cradle”, a genre-blending riff on blue-collar deep-space horror, haunted houses (in space), the psychology of music and language, genetics in population bottlenecks, zombies, solar-system wide apocalypse, and the destiny of life beyond homeworlds.

Thank you, and Happy Halloween!

Release: “A Quick Bite of Flesh” An Anthology of Zombie Flash Fiction

Hello All,

Friday marked the release of “A Quick Bite of Flesh” from Hazardous Press, containing a version of my story Barricade.

It’s currently available on Kindle. UPDATE: And now available in paperback.

If you’ve read it, and enjoyed it, I’m sure all the authors would appreciate a few good words on Amazon or on Goodreads. Also, I have a Goodreads author page now. I’m not sure why, but this delights me to no end.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Metapost: The Post That Isn’t About Zombies

My apologies for the quiet spell. Things move and wheels turn but I haven’t had much to share for a while. I do have another zombie focused Media Roundtable post prepared, along with some musings on zombies in horror fiction, but that will arrive later this week. For the meantime, I’ll just leave you with a few updates and videos and links to share…

On the publishing front, I’ve reached 40+ rejections, and a scant handful of acceptances. I’m widening my search as it were, which has resulted in discovering some smaller publications I might not have found earlier. If you are in the mood for some short fiction magazines, I can suggest Lamplight Magazine, Abomination Magazine, and Fireside Magazine, as some hidden gems. If you have suggestions for other short fiction venues, either for submission or for reading, please leave a comment.

A Quick Bite of Flesh, the zombie flash fiction anthology that will contain a pared down version of Barricade, will be available on Friday Sep 21st on Kindle, and in print in early October.  Except a little more ballyhoo here when it’s available. The Dead Sea, a nautical horror anthology will be coming in early October, and I’ll provide links to both.

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