An Open Letter to Weird Tales

Earlier today, I made the unpleasant decision to withdraw one of my stories from Weird Tales, due in part to their recent announcement (Link since removed, full text beneath). You can read a much better summation of the situation here, and here. Below is the email I sent. It’s nothing new, I’m just adding my voice to the others.

Update: John Harlacher of Weird Tales has responded to the issue, and I’m quite heartened by his candor. I still won’t be submitting anytime in the future as long as Marvin Kaye is involved.


Dear Editors,

It is with great sadness that I must tell you that I am withdrawing this submission for consideration. I saved this story for you, one of my most personal works, and one I have a great deal of pride in, because the Weird Tales name held such a complex and intoxicating charm.

I dreamt of having my first sale be to the magazine that introduced the world to HP Lovecraft, RE Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and others. Even though the magazine’s future has been in doubt in the last year, due to a strange change of ownership, and the unfathomable dismissal of Ann VanderMeer and her staff, I still saved my very best for consideration in your pages.

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