Early drafts of short horror and weird tales by Cameron Suey for your criticism and feedback. Writing, and writing about writing, horror, and other influences.

Here are the newest stories, representing the last couple of years of my short fiction work

  • Axis Mundi – A horror-sci fi story about advanced humans making first contact with an isolated group of humans who’ve been trapped aboard an ancient generation ship.
  • The Crisis – A mashup of small town Americana and Lovecraftian horror, first written for Murano and Ward’s fantastic Shadows over Main Street Collection.
  • Digger’s Lament – A fantasy novella following two miscreant archeologists sifting through the ruins of the kingdoms of dead gods.
  • Between the Walls – A historical horror story about a luckless mercenary during a failed invasion of Constantinople in the 7th century.
  • Mapping the Crooked Places – A new version of my story about addiction, architecture, and urban obsession. If you’re familiar with the original version, I think this new take is greatly improved.

If you’re interested in my older stories, here are my favorite finished stories from my earliest writing:

Once upon a time, I posted scraps of fiction on 4chan’s /x/ board. It was not a place for true names, so I took the pseudonym “Josef K.” as an homage to better writers, and an acknowledgement of the pastiche I was writing. The brutal honesty of 4chan was critical in me finding my own voice, and I’ll always be grateful to and a little terrified of them. There’s no more need for the pen name, but this name of this site still bears the mark. My name is Cameron Suey, and welcome.

Poke around, and here you’ll find my rough drafts and scraps for your feedback and savage criticism. Some stories will be behind a password gate, so that I can continue to discuss and get feedback, as well seek publication in dead tree journals once I edit them into a final draft. Other early drafts are no longer available for the time being. I’d love to share the password for the pieces I’m editing with you if you’re willing to give me feedback, just ask.

Please take a look, and if you find something you like, something that angers or frustrates you, or anything that provokes an emotional response of any sort, desired or otherwise, let me know. Open criticism and sincere feedback helps me become a better writer.

I am always interested in discussing contract work, collaborations, or any other ideas. You can follow me on twitter, or contact me here.

All work is property of the author, except where otherwise noted.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Salacious Crum

    Hello. Wanted to say that I am a big fan! Also, I was reading old creepypasta and I noticed there is a story called “The Hole in the Wall” on around page 307-308 that looks identical to yours, but doesn’t have credit for the author. Not sure if you may have submitted it purposely without crediting yourself. Just wanted to let you know just in case, as I abhor plagiarism. Your writing is amazing! You may just be the inspiration I need to finally post something of my own. Thank you.

  2. Salacious Crum

    Also, the guy who posted it replied to some of the comments, claiming the story was partially true. So, if it was you, I’m curious as to why you didn’t credit yourself? And if it wasn’t you, then someone is deliberately plagiarizing you.
    also, I have a question : several of your stories seem almost like they are the first chapter in a book. They tend to kind of leave the reader hanging, wanting more. Are these links on your site just except from larger stories, or is it just part of your style to leave the reader yearning for more, and sometimes seemingly unfinished? If it is intentional, then it is certainly a unique style, and I admire it. If these are parts of a whole, I would love to know where I could get more?

    1. Hello there, and thanks for the kind words! Was this on creepypasta.com? I did post it there, and there ARE some elements that are partially true. That was, however, before I was posting under this name.

      As for the other question, I love fiction that leaves me feeling like there is so much more untold, so more often than not, that’s what I write. I always feel like “I wish there was more” is the best possible criticism.

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