Metapost: The Post That Isn’t About Zombies

My apologies for the quiet spell. Things move and wheels turn but I haven’t had much to share for a while. I do have another zombie focused Media Roundtable post prepared, along with some musings on zombies in horror fiction, but that will arrive later this week. For the meantime, I’ll just leave you with a few updates and videos and links to share…

On the publishing front, I’ve reached 40+ rejections, and a scant handful of acceptances. I’m widening my search as it were, which has resulted in discovering some smaller publications I might not have found earlier. If you are in the mood for some short fiction magazines, I can suggest Lamplight Magazine, Abomination Magazine, and Fireside Magazine, as some hidden gems. If you have suggestions for other short fiction venues, either for submission or for reading, please leave a comment.

A Quick Bite of Flesh, the zombie flash fiction anthology that will contain a pared down version of Barricade, will be available on Friday Sep 21st on Kindle, and in print in early October.  Except a little more ballyhoo here when it’s available. The Dead Sea, a nautical horror anthology will be coming in early October, and I’ll provide links to both.

On in-progress works, I should have a draft of Runner B up for review sometime in October. Be warned, it’s long and not traditional horror. It ended up being science fiction more than horror, focusing on the nature of terrorism and political violence. I can’t wait to hear your reactions to it, as I’m a little too close at the moment. I’m also plotting out “Cradle” a sci-fi horror story about music, genetics, and cosmic isolation  that begins with the investigation of a derelict ship, and then changes tone and structure dramatically. The main character has proved to be one of the more interesting I’ve conceived of, and I can’t wait to turn her loose, but Runner B needs to finish first.

The proprietor of The House on Ash Tree Lane  recently contacted me and asked to have a conversation, and he’s posted that interview on his site. I was initially jazzed about the mere idea of doing an interview, but he really impressed me with the quality of his questioning, and it was an interesting discussion of voice, subject matter, and themes, as well as my childhood nightmares, and how they influenced my fictitious monsters. The piece also includes the weirdest picture of me to date:

Decim8 is a great app.

His blog is a interesting mix of reviews, game, film, and fiction criticism, and at least one hilarious multi-part deconstruction of AVP fan fiction. Have a look!

And lastly, three(!) more youtube reading of some of my earlier stories have surfaced from Mr. CreepyPasta  and CreepyPastaJr (no relation), and I’ve linked them here. It’s always so weird to hear my words in someone else’s voice…


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