Metapost: Audio Readings

Can I confess something? I google myself.

It happens. I’m not proud of it. But if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have found these readings of some of my older stories.

Youtube users MrCreepyPasta and ZoomingDakota have posted audio versions of two of my older stories, Fog and Chiasma. And they’re both pretty damned awesome.

Videos after the break…

Now, I do sort of wish they’d contacted me first, as I’m trying to keep a closer watch on how far some of my stories get freely spread, but both these stories are out there in the public domain, and I’m not going to sell them anytime soon. Also, the whole pseudonym thing makes it damn near impossible to track down attribution if you read them somewhere other than my site. So there’s no hard feelings at all, and I’m really flattered that these videos exist.

If you have any interest in doing anything with any of my stories, artwork, remixes, etc., I am always excited and willing to discuss, so feel free to drop me a line or ping me on twitter.


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