Metapost: The Case of the Disappearing Drafts

As I submit polished stories for publishing, I’ll be removing the corresponding scraps of the rough drafts that were posted here. Many markets consider any online postings as prior publications, and although the final drafts I am submitting are usually quite changed from the rough drafts you’ve read here, I want to make sure there is no room for confusion.

If the pieces are rejected from enough venues, I will likely update the pages to share the final drafts with you. What this means is that some stories will be unavailable while their polished counterparts are in submission, and potentially forever if they are accepted, in which case, you will not be able to get me to shut up about it.

If you’d like to read a draft that is no longer available, please email me and I will be happy to discuss.


3 thoughts on “Metapost: The Case of the Disappearing Drafts

  1. Anonymous

    While I’m glad to see that you’re trying to be published, it’s sad to see that your work isn’t freely available online anymore. Make sure to keep us updated!

    1. I’m a little conflicted about it myself, I didn’t realize (until a rejection letter) that I was potentially hurting my chances of publication. Right now, only four stories are hidden, but I’m unsure what the future will bring.

      I’m trying to get a straight answer, but I think if I have stories behind a password gate, then it does not count as prior publication, but then, I’d have to send out a password to people, or post it everywhere, which has it’s own problems.

      In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to see again, I’d be happy to mail you a draft to read.

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