Metapost: Continued Cool

Two more marvelous illustrations from “One“, by Christian Frederiksen. Check out the rest of his website for some amazing work. In the past few days, I’ve completed the outline for the novel I’m planning on finishing this year; I’ll also be completing the two short pieces I’ve been working on, so expect to see one within the next two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Metapost: Continued Cool

  1. Hello Gentlemen,My apologies for the long lapse, work has taken me out of the country several times in the last month, so I've not had the time to write that I'd like. When I do have the time, I've been working on the novel instead. I've avoided giving updates here on this site, and instead have been doing so on a Facebook page. As much as I am enjoying the novel, the joy of actually finishing something is strong, and intend to finish a half started short piece very soon.J

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