Metapost: Something Very Cool.

Through a recent collaborative project, I had the fortune of meeting Christian Frederiksen, an extremely talented artist.
Christian has been working on a series of images to accompany the first half of my story, One, and I am more than thrilled with the results. Below are some low res versions of the images, which I’ve also threaded into the original story. You can see the higher res versions, along with many other excellent images in a wide variety of styles at his sketchblog.
What amazes me is how close these matched the images in my head when I was writing, down to a few uncanny details. I can’t wait to see the images from the second half.


4 thoughts on “Metapost: Something Very Cool.

  1. This style especially fits this story, but his other work shows a wide range of talents.I'd love to pay him to do nothing but put images to stories I write, but for the near future, he will be finishing with a few more images from One.I love the way Philip's eyes are so blank in each image. It's very predatory.

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