Metapost: Let’s be honest for a moment…

The mundane world intervenes, far more than we’d all like.

Work and life have been fruitful, but aggressive and needy, and I haven’t been able to write lately. But, after a long, nighttime drive through a remote forest, listening to an excellent podcast (Radiolab – Afterlife), I’m brimming with the need again. When the need is great, it carves out time for itself.

The piece I’ve been readying, “The Watcher”, is swelling to novella length, and I’m setting it aside for the moment to chase the thrill of finishing something.

I’ll have a new story up by the end of next weekend, “Roadwork”, a very simple little piece more like the stories I used to write on a weekly schedule. Finally, before the end of the year, I’ll have a nebulous and… self indulgent meditation on death and mortality, called “Shiva”.

I’m setting out this schedule not only as a promise, but as a threat to myself, a backup copy of obligations. Deadlines are the best friend art ever had.

See you soon.


5 thoughts on “Metapost: Let’s be honest for a moment…

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