Metapost: Soon… but not as soon as I’d hoped

My apologies, but the chance to help design and work in a haunted house tonight was not something I could pass up.

I’ll be posting at least a portion of the new story tomorrow.

Happy Halloween.


9 thoughts on “Metapost: Soon… but not as soon as I’d hoped

  1. While a rabbit may actually appear in the story, you can be reasonably assured it will not happy and friendly, at least not in whole. It will still be in the Weird Tales milieu, but shall we say… more Robert Howard than HP Lovecraft.It's actually turning out to be quite long. If I don't finish it by Halloween, I will at least post the first distinct chunk.

  2. I found my way here after reading through all the stories at and noticing a few stories with writing that really stood out from the others.Having now read through all that is here I must agree with most of the other readers here in acclaim of your skill. I've always thought I was a decent writer, if unmotivated, but your way with imagery simply blows me away.Thank you for all of these wonderful worlds you have painted, I can hardly wait for the next.

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