Metapost: More Audio Readings

Jeff Clement and the good folks over at AuralStimulation have just sent me the following video, an awesome reading of “Dust” with music, stunning, eerie imagery, multiple actors and sound effects. Here it is, with my commentary, which is simply “wow”.

I’m a big fan of modern and old radio theater, and I think Jeff and company really nailed the aesthetic. There’s a lively community of people reading creepypastas on the YouTubes, and I’ve shared a handful before, but here’s a list I’ve compiled of all the ones I’ve found read from my stories. Hit “View Full Article” to see the rest.

My thanks to all the artists that wanted to share something I wrote. You’re all awesome. If you’re interested in reading an available story, or for any reason you’d prefer I didn’t post your video here, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, and let me know.

Thaw by CreepypastaJr

The Gift by CreepypastaJr

Exit by CreepypastaJr

Fog by MrCreepypasta

Quiet by MrCreepypasta

The Hole in the Wall by MrCreepypasta

The Algorithm by MrCreepypasta

How This Ends by thecreepswork

Dust by thecreepswork

The Gift by monika kvale

Up by CreationofUnease

Chiasma by Mic Roe Pony

Chiasma by Moonlit Storyteller

Underground by Moonlit Storyteller

Do you know any more that I’ve missed? Let me know!


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