Metapost: Releases and Revision

I hope this update finds you all as well as I have been.

In the past few months, I’ve had two anthologies released from Cruentus Libri Press, and another story featured in the Mad Scientist Journal. If you’ll forgive the self promotion, here are the links to read “Zero” at Mad Scientist Journal, or to purchase either anthology from Amazon:

The Dead Sea, featuring “Fog” (Kindle and Print)

From Their Cradle to Your Grave, featuring “The Gift” (Print)

“Zero, or The Collected Correspondence of Patient Zero” at Mad Scientist Journal

If you purchase either collection and feel so inclined to share your thoughts, Cruentus Libri Press, the other authors, and myself would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review on Amazon or on Goodreads. Small press collections like this can flourish based on nothing more than positive word of mouth, and, presumably good stories of course.

If you’re a blogger or reviewer and you’d like to write about “The Dead Sea,” please drop me a line, and I can provide you with a PDF at no cost.

In addition, I just completed the first draft of “Fields of Ur”, which like all pieces I’ve worked on in the last year has ballooned above and beyond my intended length and scope, and tops out at over 10,000 words. For a little perspective, my first story “Barricade”, clocks in at just under 1,000 words. “Fields of Ur” was supposed to be my short break from “Runner B,” which had reached a stumbling block, and at the time was an unwieldy 8,000 words. Clearly, some savage editing is required from both.

During the initial planning of “Fields of Ur,” I was contacted by two young gentlemen from Australia, one of which who had just been in a car accident, and the other requested that I write him a story. We compromised, and I pivoted on “Fields of Ur,” naming the two main characters after them, and adjusting some details to incorporate the car accident into the story. They’re going to get the first crack at the rough draft, in order to flesh out some details, but then a rough version should be posted here within a few weeks, so that I can solicit feedback from those of you so inclined.

After that, “Runner B” has languished for far too long, and I’m feeling like I’m ready to tackle it once again, and I’m thinking of breaking ground on “The Green Tunnel,” a backpacking horror story I’ve been ruminating on for a few years off and on.

Additionally, Fireside Magazine, a cross genre publication of great quality has just opened call for 1,000 word flash fiction, and I’m planning to see if I still have the chops to write a really short short story. If any of you are also interested in submitting, Fireside is an incredible opportunity  and I would welcome the competition, as it were. If not, take a look and see what they have planned for the next year, a lineup that includes a serial fiction from Chuck Wendig.

That’s all for now, as I have discovered a section right in the middle of Fields of Ur, where I left myself a cryptic note in bold, all-caps reading: “MAYBE LOSE THIS WHOLE SILLY BIT OF BUSINESS, AND FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS.” I just need to make sure I remember what I thought mattered at that point in the story…

All my best, and always, thank you for reading.


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