Metapost: A Gentle Entreaty

For those of you that have been around a while: I’ve been away. It’s easy to stop working hard on a thing you love when you let it be a lesser priority. It’s my fault, and I lost a year for it. My sincere thanks to people who emailed, poked, and prodded during the absence. Without you, I’d probably have stayed gone.

So now that I’m back, and you’re still here, let me ask one more favor of you: Be brutal. I want to hear what you think, I want to discuss these stories. But I want you be savage, and honest, and hold nothing back. Knives out. Teeth bared.

Today, my wife read and did a cursory editing pass on Dogs in the Drywall. When I asked her what she thought, she replied: “Not your best,” and when I pressed, she admitted she hated it, and she told me why, quite eloquently. And for the most part, she was right.

I need that critical eye. I’m posting these pieces in their rough forms almost as soon as I finish them, not because I want to hear you tell me you like it, but because I want to know what’s wrong with it. What’s almost there, and what will never get there and what needs to be trimmed away. I want you to ask me what the fuck I was thinking, because If I can’t just justify it, then its not worth saving. I’m thick skinned, I promise. I’m starting to think I might be a good writer, but I want to get better.

Okay, I lied. Of course I want to hear if you liked it. I especially want to hear if it scared you, got under your skin, or provoked some other emotional response. That’s useful too. But only if it’s the truth. I trust you. You’ve got good taste.


7 thoughts on “Metapost: A Gentle Entreaty

  1. First off, I have to say I am thrilled you've returned to us, as for your most recent story, I did like it, though it was far from my favourite of your pieces. Aside from the grammatical errors that I noticed throughout the story, there was nothing wrong with it. The fact I was reading it at an ungodly time of the morning after not sleeping for a few days could have accounted for me finding it a little difficult to follow at times. As always, the imagery you can provoke from your words is outstanding. Regardless, I've no doubt you'll continue to polish your skills and continue to produce amazing stories, keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Freddo. I should say, this call for savagery is open to any and all stories. I'd like to know the ones people liked the least, and for what reason.Personally, I think Shiva and The Watcher are my favorites, and I want to drown Collision in a burlap bag full of rocks, but I'm curious to see others feelings on those and others.

  3. First of all, let me just say welcome back, and happy to have you among us once more. I found your blog sometime around your hiatus, maybe 6 months ago or so, and I can say I'm honestly happy to see you're still up to the task of writing.Now, I'm not much of a writer, although I'd like to fix that, and I find your short stories probably the most inspiring as the contents and your style are something I really admire both the content of your stories and your style. It's been a while since I've read most of your stories, I should probably re-read them, perhaps share my thoughts on them, if you don't mind. I can say though, that my favorite so far has been Shiva. I don't want to go into too much detail with this comment, but that story really hit me in all the right ways.Anyway, enough of my fandom, it's good to have you back, and I'm really looking forward to your next stories!

  4. I'll have to agree I am very excited to see you back. You're honestly my favorite short story writer I've come across. The oddness of the plots(right word?)you come up with just draw me in, keeps me asking for more. You have a unique style and I hope to see how you refine and shape it even further.When I gather more time I plan to reread most of your stories and give you what I feel are my favorites and the least. Though I am no writer myself it may be hard to get my opinions across using the correct definitions and words.Your a great writer, and again, it's wonderful to see you back. Keep up the good work friend.

  5. This isn't quite feedback, but have you ever considered approaching publishers with these stories? These would make an amazing horror anthology. You could write a few extra just for the book, and see if any artists would team up and draw scenes from the stories, like what happened with One.Something to think about. I really think many of these works deserve better than rotting on a blogger account. The Watcher and One are perhaps my favorite horror stories of all time.

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