Metapost: Something New…

Hello, all.

I’ll be posting one of two new stories within a week, and the second shortly after. One will be the rest of the fragment I posted in March, and the other is something slightly different than usual. It all depends on what I feel like finishing first.

It’s been far too long, and I hope this latest flurry of ideas and inspiration brings about a more regular schedule of updates.

I’ve missed you.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 7/14: So close… I bet on the wrong horse, so my least favorite of the two will be done first. Any moment now.


6 thoughts on “Metapost: Something New…

  1. I have missed you too, Josef.I admit I have been checking your page daily for a while now, just hoping to read another one of your powerful stories.

  2. Hello there, I've just about discovered you and I've become quite a fan of your writing. I admire it. Though, english is not my first language and there are some words that you use that I'm not familiar with… Great! I'm learning new things. =) Haha, really now, keep it up!

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