Happy Halloween

Briefest of updates:

In the next month I will have two more stories appearing in anthologies, and another in the magazine Mad Scientist’s Journal. I’ll let you know when they are released, and I would appreciate, as always, that if you like what you read, you simply recommend it to someone else who you think may enjoy it.

Additionally, “A Quick Bite of Flesh” will be available for free on Kindle, for a single day, coming very soon.

As far as new stories, Runner B inches ever closer to completion (seriously), and I am working on the beginning of two new pieces: “The Fields of Ur,” an unusual science-fantasy story, and “Green Tunnel,” an Appalachian Trail backpacking horror story. And I’m just breaking ground on a fully plotted novel: “Cradle”, a genre-blending riff on blue-collar deep-space horror, haunted houses (in space), the psychology of music and language, genetics in population bottlenecks, zombies, solar-system wide apocalypse, and the destiny of life beyond homeworlds.

Thank you, and Happy Halloween!


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